eDMSlite have an Automation Engine which supplies solutions to your procedures jobs by extracting information from all the document types papers as : mails, estimate, invoices, forms etc…. This information feeds, through the network, the various databases and the applications of management of your company, and it in a homogeneous way.

From automatic classification of the mails to automatic grouping of the orders/invoices/vouchers of delivery. eDMSlite Automation allows, using ICR/OCR, to read directly your documents dice the exit of the scanner (or of the multifunction copier) to handle them, classify them and it with a minimum of human intervention.

The mechanisms of recognition are multiple and configurable by the user. Whether it is by reading of a bar code, qr-code, of predefined manual zones or note, eDMSlite will identify your documents and will extract the information of your choice to inject them in your applications jobs.

In it is added the automatic generation of  PDF forms. eDMSlite automation allows the handwritten reading of multiple choice(MCQ), zone, check boxes transforming a handwritten seizure into data give to the IT processing.

The users throw the processes in some “clicks” since photocopiers or software of digitalization, to feed the engine of indexation eDMSlite. The latter is going to extract the wanted data and to inform the specific tools of Back Office.

This solution of automation reduces considerably the time and the efforts of the users, also reducing the risk of errors.