eDMSfree is an intuitive and simple implementation software, which can be used in French or English to cover the main needs of a company in terms of document management:

  • Integration of common Office tools such as MS Office, Open-Office,…
  • A classification PLAN, a workspace and a documentary calendar,
  • META-Data management (indexing criteria), the concept of LDAP-compliant users and groups,
  • The management of VERSIONS and revisions, the finalization of documents in PDF format with or without electronic SIGNATURE,
  • Taking into account the documentary processes (life cycle, approval/validation, stakeholders, traceability and archiving, etc.)
  • PUBLICATION, Dissemination and alerts, by Intranet/Extranet/Web or Courier,
  • The digitization of documents such as incoming mail, invoices, letters, e-mails, faxes, etc.,
  • Securing DOCUMENTS (Access rights) and by its architecture and design greater protection against viruses and MALWARE,
  • Simple and easy interfacing with other applications (ERP, CRM), management of the scripts of document actions in VBScript or JavaScript,
  • Structured searches (keywords) and “full-text” with a full-text indexing engine that embeds an OCR and a French and English dictionary.

In its commercial version eDMSfree has many complementary features including automatons that provide solutions to your business processes by retrieving information from all types of paper documents such as: Mail, Quotes, invoices, forms and of course all types of digital documents. The recognition mechanisms are multiple and user-configurable. Whether by reading a barcode, Qr-code, predefined zones or even manual annotation, eDMSfree will identify your documents to inject them into your business applications. There are also automatons allowing the recovery of an existing documentary background or the feeding of the water.